Whenever you feel lost pause, replay and let it be

It was October 2020, after a complicated year with many ups and downs I realized that I was still feeling anxious. I did not know how to get back on track, to feel happy and like myself. Until I realized something… Whenever you feel lost pause, hit replay and let it be.

After many months of feeling dead, I decided to take a couple of days off from work. I was lucky enough to have the time to wonder around Paris with nice sunny automne weather and no lockdown. I strolled around parks, got pampered, had lunch by myself in a restaurant’s terrace and visited the Louvre museum.

But I mainly took time for myself, to date myself again, to have fun with my own company and to connect into one my mind and body. Going through this sounds easy but the truth is that when you pursue to find yourself you MUST face your fears and heartbreaks.

Perhaps, one of the best decisions was to begin by taking those days off from work. While walking in a rather empty Paris, it helped me to accept that I was a bit lost, that I was missing my ex. I also understood that I did not want to get back with hime. So the only solution was to find a way to get back to feeling good with myself. I also realized that it was time to remember about my dreams in life and to start putting the foundation to make them come true in the near future. Since then, I have set and listed my goals and I am working towards them.

Now that I had reconnected my head I also noticed that I needed to reconnect my spirit and something told me it was going to be through yoga.

And so I did.

I immediately signed up to have virtual yoga classe with a yoga teacher that I appreciate a lot. What I thought would be some classes to move and strech became a daily routine. Yoga is part of my life now. It has indeed reconnected my body, sould, mind and spirit into one and it is constantly orienting my energy towards a positive side. Yoga has also reinforced the imporance to accept feeling lost, pause, replay and let it be.

Along with yoga, I have restarted other activies that were on pause such as volunteering, reading and writing. Now they are part of my daily life and I do not go off track because it is what keeps me tuned. I have also been focused on healing my ankle and the recovery has been so fast lately that I was able to start running again.

I can tell you that by November my mind, my body, my heart and my spirit were all connected and synched again. Like never before.

Right on time for the second lockdown. This time I was forced to stay home by myself – if you read this article the first one I spent it with my ex – and it went smoother than I expected. I read so much, wrote all these 2020 articles for the blog, meditated, walked, started running, starting doing my own flower bouquets, cooking, reading all of the above with no pressure nor measurement for perfection. It was just me enjoying some time with myself and being grateful for everything again.

Sometimes, everything we need when feeling lost is to pause, replay and let it be. I went from feeling lost and sad, to finding myself and feeling cheerful and filled with gratitude. If you are feeling down or lost and do not know where to start, just pause, breath, cry, take time for yourself, dream, dig deep inside of what you really want in life, create a clear yet simple plan and play replay. Oh, and do not forget to do things that you love. It does not need to be expensive or complicated. You can start by singing in the shower or going for a walk or run.

Remember, in life there are always two choices: the easy ones and the hard ones. Often, the hard ones are the best ones at the end. In my case the easy road would have been to get depressed, stay in my bed crying and feel miserable. But I preferred to take some time off, to reconnect, to hug myself, to have fun by myself and be happy.

So just like music, whenever you feel lost press pause, take a moment, hit replay and let it be. Remember, music will sound much better the second time your play it because you will be listening and not just hearing it.

This article is for all those women whom like me have felt lost at a point of their lives. It is complitely normal, even more if we are going through a pandemic. Start by giving yourself lots of love and kind words. Take it one day at a time and step by step. Start by getting out of bed, taking a shower, cleaning up a bit, dancing while cleaning up, singing in the shower, watching a funny show and sleep and rest. Keep on trying the next day, eventually things will get better and so will you.

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