Peek-a-boo, pick good friends!

Every now and then I like throwing soirées. A soirée in France basically means having a house party were people have some drinks, eat finger food and mingle. It is basically a moment to reunite with friends, chill and have a good time. If the party and the atmosphere is good you even end up dancing. The description may sound lame but, the truth is, the way people hang out with friends or party is not the same around the world.

Anyhow, I decided to take Halloween as an excuse to have a soirée in my rather small Parisian flat.  I must admit, I like the idea of decorating my house with a theme and just have my friends over.

I’ve met my friends thanks to life.

Yes, life.  Well, I can say I have met most of them in the “classic” way: school, internships or work. Others in less likely ways, like in a bus that I almost missed. So, I tend to say that the gods have put them in my life as a gift. Some of them I’ve known already for 8 years (that’s more than the time you spend in high school), others may be a bit less.

Friday, 9pm, Paris.

My friends start arriving one by one to my house. The joy and contentment is felt right away. A few arrive in costumes and others don’t. It’s ok. I did specify on my event that costumes were not mandatory. The only thing I want is for my friends to feel good and comfortable at my place.

Every time the doorbell rings I hold the door opened and look with excitement who is coming. Every person that passed that door made me smile. Some of them I have seen the same day at work and others I have not seen them in months. It just filled me with joy to see their faces and have them home. In just a couple of hours the house was full and my friends were here doing what they know best: being their adorable selves.

I take a step back and observe how amazing these people are. They all come from different origins and backgrounds. Some of them are left-wing, some of them are right-wing, some of them do not care about politics. There are women and men talking equally, there are straight people and gay people talking equally as well. There are friends that care about their physical appearance and others that care less. Some of them are shy and quiet, others very loud and outgoing. What they all have in common is that they are good people and each of them is respectful and unique.

Friday night was like taking a very tiny sample of the good things of this world and putting them altogether in a room. Thirty people from all corners of the world, making the effort to speak French, English or Spanish. All of them laughing, talking, learning from each other. All of them in a safe environment where looks, opinions and preferences do not make you fear or put you at risk. Seeing my friends laughing at home is exactly what makes me love to throw soirées.

In all honestly, I care deeply for my friends as I care for my family. They know me well and they have shared with me key moments in life. The friends that I have met in France are the reason that I was able to make it abroad for so long. Some of them live in other countries now but we know we can count on each other.

I want to dedicate this blogpost to all my friends that have impacted my life in different ways. Each of you has taught me so much. You have given me the strength in hard times. For instance, when I was crying for a guy, when my ceiling was falling down (literally) or just when I had a bad day. Thank you for the good vibes that you leave in my house and in me.

I just have to finish by saying a last cheesy sentence: know that you can count on me and that I love you. <3

* This is also an article for all those women that might feel lonely. Never forget to surround yourselves by good friends. You may not choose your family, you may not choose your current situation, but you can choose your friends. Make sure they make you smile and that they contribute to your life in a positive way. Never be scared of making friends. Remain open minded. Great people are everywhere.

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