A letter to my family

Flying back to my country of origin for Christmas is one of the best feelings of the year. The holidays itself bring lots of joy plus, knowing that I will see my family is, definitely, the best of all gifts.

As I am currently crossing the ocean all the way to Ecuador, I couldn’t help but thinking about my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephews. Every time I think about them I can just remember how each of them have taught me so much since day one and I can only be forever grateful.

This year has granted me the gift of writing, something that I always liked and that my mom always said I should do it.

Hence, I thought, I will try to write what I feel and think about all the special members of my family. Because without them I would be nothing.


Thank you bringing me to this world. Thank you for all the sleepless nights, long conversations about religion, morals, guys, self love and more. You always said your daughters came first. Not only you said it, you actually did it. You never failed at anything with us, you were physically present, you always knew how to advised us and despite you working and being tired you never ever let us alone when we needed you. Even today, as adults, you still give us the love, advices and support everyone needs from a mom. Without a doubt, I always knew I had the best of them all.

Those are just your qualities as a mother. As a human being I have never met anyone as thoughtful and good. You are the definition of a good person. Mom, in spite of putting your daughters first, you always put second your family and in third, people that surrounded you in need. Your soul is so pure that without realizing, you think on how to help others first and that is one of the most beautiful things a human can be. You know, when people tell me that I have a lot of friends that love I always think “I must’ve got it from my mom”. It’s true, I’m sure if it was you leaving to France at the age of 18 you would have had way more friends than me.

So thank you mom, for teaching us with your example the power of doing good and of being empathetic. If there is one last thing I could say is that I would have never chosen anyone else as a mother. Love you.


Thank you for loving me since day 1. Thank you for being there since I was born in that hospital room. You know, in this patriarchal world there are many men that can have children but only some know how to be a father, and you were a father indeed.

There are so many things I am grateful for about you that it is hard to sum it up. But if I have to highlight one that would be: energy.

Thank you for your energy. Your energy since I was child, you would give your time to play with me. You would pick me up from daycare or Mamia’s. Always there, always on time, always with laughter and never with a bad humor. (Except when I pasted clay on your car seat).

Anyways, thank you for working 14 hours a day in order for me to have a better future. You taught me with your own example that a responsible person who works hard for its family and never forgetting its morals can fly high.

Dad, I owe you my love for dreaming and dreaming big. Thanks to your hard work I have been able to live 8 years in France, thank you for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to you I can dream to fly and visit so many places and countries. Thanks to you I have learned to enjoy music, any type of music, and not caring about people looking when dancing.

I also want to thank you for the big changes you have done in the past years. I am truly proud on how your mind and actions have changed you for the best. I love you dad.


Sister mia. You were the best gift life could have given me. How lucky am I to have a sister that really is my best friend.

Thank you for loving me so much, like as if I was your daughter, since I was born. I have told you many times so I will tell you once again, you are my role model. Not only you are this amazing strong and beautiful business woman but you are also this advanced soul that knows how to balance life.

In many conversations during many occasions it was you who always said “to find balance as long it doesn’t hurt anyone”. You are amazing, you know how to balance a healthy lifestyle, your emotions, your actions. I know you might not believe this because sometimes you would like to balance more. Trust me, you are the most coherent and balanced person I have ever met and that is so inspiring.

If I may add, in this balance, you have one tendency towards people and that is being black or white. I find that fascinating and completely accurate. As you have said to me, one must be a good person in this world. I can just tell you that you are the definition of a good person. You are always there for us first and always doing things the right way. I’m sure you got it from mom.

Thank you for all our conversations, even today when distance is between us you still give me the time to talk about my deepest fears and you are the best public laughing at my worst jokes. I love you to the moon and back best friend.

F: my brother-in-law

I cannot literally remember my life without you. You entered our family when I was only 5 years old and even though it was a natural addition for me, after some years I have understood that it was for a reason.

You are my main example of what success means, in all areas. You are the example for me of a real business man that started with a student loan and a second hand old car, el forsita, to end up today being President of a company in another market. That is something to be proud of.

But that is just my high vision of you as a professional. I want to thank you mainly for having entered my life as well to teach me so much since little. We could have fought a couple of times (that’s because we are very much alike plus none of us likes to lose) but you always allowed me in your life. Now as an adult I understand, you took me to so many dates with my sister, you opened me the doors of all your homes (you literally gave me a key or let me stayed more than a month with you). You bought me tickets to visit you in the UK and Peru so that I could see you and my sister. That was certainly not your obligation and you still did it. I might not have said it enough but trust me, I am forever grateful for that. To me you are a family, a brother and together with my sister you have given me the best gifts: Mateo and Tomas. Love you.

M: the baby boy that came to fill our lives with joy

I want you to know that not only you are our lucky charm but you taught me to love in a way I have never experienced before. You just didn’t bring the joy that every kid brings when born, but you also brought light with the sparkle that only your eyes have. At your young age, you have given to your family and classmates: hope, faith, and joy.

M, you are a world citizen and that is one of the best gifts life can grant you. You will grow up with an opened mind and a big heart to learn from all the different experiences to become a better human being.

I just need to see a picture of you to draw a smile in my face. I have counted the days to come back to Ecuador to see you. Sometimes it really hurts me that I cannot be closer to you to play with you and witness your growth.

You and your baby brother can count forever with me, even if my life has to change for you, do not doubt it that I will do it for you both. I might not know yet what is it to have children but you should know that for me today you my babies are my priority. I love you.

T: the new baby of the family

You are still in your momma’s belly and I am already counting the days to meet you. I want you to know that we are expecting you with our arms wide opened in this family. Let me tell you, you are lucky to be born in this family: your parents are the best, they will take care of you and will never allow anything bad to happen to you. Your grandparents will always be there to teach you the basics and to play with you with lots of love. And me, even though I’m a little crazy, I will love you forever in spite of the distance and speak about you to all my friends (just as I do with your brother now).

Enjoy these last weeks in your mom’s belly since soon we will be ready to hug and kiss you. Come in peace to this world because you were born to have a happy life.


This year you will not be able to join us at home for the holidays. Yet, I want to express to you that you live in me every single day.

You built the base of who I am today thanks to the love that you always put in raising me for so many years. Thank you for all the love, for having taken care of me when I was sick, for playing with me during countless hours and preparing the best of all foods.

If there is something you have taught my mom, my sister and I, is how important it is to raise children with patience. I still have a lot to learn in the patience department (perhaps it’s because I’m a Capricorn), but I can see the fruits of your teaching in how my sister is raising her son and how she will soon do it with the new baby as well.

Thank you for having been the woman of the family that showed us what the meaning of being a good mother really is. Thanks for all the love.

Last but not least, do know that you are one of the reasons that push me to be a feminist today. Perhaps the time you had to live in this world, together with your destiny, did not help you much as a woman. Hence, I will use my voice and this time to speak out my mind and to defend women’s rights. I just want you to know that whatever you had to go through as a woman was not in vein because I will defend you today and you will forever live in all of our hearts.


I believe you and I met before anyone else. You dreamed about me at the same time that my mom learnt she was pregnant. It is because of your mental peace and developed soul that has allowed you to be so spiritually advanced.

In today’s fast paced and materialistic world it is hard to find peace but you have succeeded and that is extremely inspiring. It is hard to live in peace and have a calm peaceful life in spite of all challenges and you have done it. Every day since I met you, you make life look so easy and natural.

Thanks for being the advanced soul of the family, you inspire us to find peace and balance in order to be better people in all type of situations.

Thanks for all the love, now that I am an aunt myself I understand better. We are unconditional and do know that you can count on me, on us, forever. I love you very much.

My family, the best, I have so much to be grateful for that I could double the size of this blogpost. Each of you has contributed in the way I am today. Thanks to you, I have made it in France for so many years and reach my goals. Thank you for having taught me so many things that I needed to know to be out in this world with an opened mind, clear objectives and being able not just to represent my country of origin but our family.

Without you I would be nobody so I will be forever grateful. To much more holidays and happy memories in the future together.

I love you,


PS: this blogpost is For All Those Women, that like my grandma have known how to raise solid families with love in spite of all the violence they had to go through. Know that today you live in a world with more rights so do not get scared to take your belongings and children and leave abusive men. You woman, you are enough to achieve all you want. You are the center of the family and society owes you so much.

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