Time for reflection

As 2018 is about to end, I cannot help but go through my pictures and memories about everything that this year has put me through. Some moments were really good, others a bit hard. Yet, this year has been enriching and has allowed me to start my blog, this blog.

If you do not mind, I want to start by being grateful to life (and gods and destiny and luck) for all the great things that this year has given me. Exactly a year ago, my plan for 2019 was to travel every month. I almost did it, I traveled 10 months of this year to different cities and new countries. I have met in new places with old friends that I have not seen in some years – and gosh how rich can it be to have meaningful conversations with good old friends.

I am also and forever grateful for my friends that have been there for years. Cheers to each of you. Thank you for the dances and laughter that you have brought to me on a weekly basis. To those friends that have hugged me when I have been sad, tired or even homesick. To those friends that have marched by my side asking for women equality. Thank you to all my friends that have come with me to music concerts and have shared the joy of dancing and singing. Thank you to my friends that have always loved me for who I am, just as much as I love them for who they are. Thank you for your support, specially when I have told you about this blog. You are angels to my life, so I just hope 2019 will keep us closer and that this new year will bring you all the health, joy and dreams come true that you all deserve. Thank you for the positive vibes and constant love.

My family, thanks for existing, for your love, support and for cherishing me in spite of distance. You all know how I feel about you (read more in my article A Letter To My Family). May life and 2019 keep us healthy and united to create more good memories together.

When it comes to love, this year has not been a success but it has not been a bad one either. I started my year by dating a wonderful guy and only life knows why it was best for us to take different paths in the future. If he is reading this, I want him to know that I am very grateful that he came into my life, he was not only a cure to my heart but also a clear example that great men do exist. I hope his 2019 will be as bright as him.

I might have met a couple of men later, not the best samples to represent their gender but still, those experiences taught me lots and proved me right. I know more than ever the type of love that I want and deserve and that I will not settle for less. I am grateful to myself – if I may say so – for having known my value on time and putting a stop at the first sign of any toxic symptoms from these men.

This year also got me out of my comfort zone like never before. As explained on my article Confidence Under The Spotlight I did a shooting with a friend who’s a photographer and I  was shocked by the result of it. I realized how hard we can be on ourselves and that sometimes we just forget to see our true beauty. So this year has shown me to love myself more than ever and to look at myself with empathy.

Moreover, this year has given me health, mobility, a revenue and little details that we sometimes take for granted. I have enjoyed running, tanning, traveling, reading, walking and writing. I feel that for the very first time ever I have learned to live life and to love life in all sort of occasions. So thank you 2018 for all the love and lessons in these past twelve months, I am certain you have been a turning point in my life.

But the best thing this year has given me by far is the gift of processing my feelings and ideas into writing. It has been the best method to cure my fears – and the process is far from its end – and to be able to see life in a more pragmatic way. Writing has inspired me to read more. You have made me read at all times, in all places and to appreciate reading with piano music in the background while sipping a cup of tea. Writing and reading have allowed me to dig in myself into places that I have never thought I would. You allowed me to be real and honest, to open up, to speak up my mind and to stop being scared. Scared of admitting that I had a high school love that broke my heart, a very toxic relationship two years ago and the fact that I had been a sexual victim at a young age. But most importantly, you have made me realize that in spite of all those things mentioned previously, everything is just fine and that I am happy. You have taught me – and I hope 2019 will contribute as well – not to care AT ALL about external opinions and that self love must be and remain the main focus.

Last but not least, thank you 2018 for making me passionate on feminist topics.  I cannot wait to write more about gender equality and women empowerment in 2019. I am already looking forward to meet new people, have interesting conversations all around the world and live experiences that will continue to open my mind.

Thank you to my followers, some of them friends, others are family but others that I do not know and that somehow have stumbled upon the For All Those Women blog. Trust me, as long as I have something to say or causes to defend, I will. Thank you for reading me.

To many more brave women and brave men that are fighting to love themselves more and to contribute to gender equality worldwide. Happy 2019 <3

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