Life is good

Dear over-thinkers:

Today was one of those days where Paris is just this dream city. In the sense that there are people and moments that intertwine and make it even more magical to live here.

Somehow this afternoon, I was feeling nostalgic and I decided to go out in the aim of finding some melancholic reason to write later on today.
I grabbed my book and headed to the closest terrace under the sun but it was all packed. I never found a spot.

Hence, I walked towards the park and found the perfect bench where I was able to read until the sun decided not to be with me anymore.
I wasn’t ready to go home so I started walking around. I found this cute Parisian boutique selling many diverse – yet charming – objects. I got to talk to the owner, an American woman in her 60s.

Her name is Brenda. She had moved to Paris 6 years ago after traveling for 50 years back and forth between Paris and New York. She finally decided she would listen to herself and make her dream come true. ‘Hands up to you Brenda!’

Then one thing led to another, and we ended up chatting about literature and mainly feminism. I also ended up talking about my blog to her and I explained that I have not written in two months because I have been pretty happy and there was nothing wrong in my life.

To which she responded: “You know, you do not need bad things to happen in order to write, you can also write about how happy you are.”
Those words came from such a deep place at the right moment. So I headed back home, walking with a smile on my face and preparing in my mind the next piece I would write.

I entered home, served me a glass of white wine and opened the window. As I was having my first sip, I saw from my window a smiley guy in a wheelchair and right after a daughter and a mother talking by sign language showing a rather deep connection between each other and I just loved it.

I love people loving life.
I love Paris a bit more.
And I realized that I can also write on how good life can be.

As Lenny Kravitz would say “Let Love Rule”.

This post is to all those women like Brenda, who listened themselves and took the risk to make their dreams come true. <3

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