I can (not) do it all

Everyday we are told that we can do it all.

But can we?

I am not willing to be pessimist or look like I have low standards but most of us are constantly putting a lot of unnecessary pressure. And for what price?

Society (aka Instagram and our friends’ appearance) tell us the importance of having a balanced life. We shall be successful workers  (in an office with ping pong tables, as a freelancer working from a well decorated home or as a barista serving matcha lattes).

We also have to:

  • Do sports (running, crossfit and yoga preferably)
  • Eat healthy/organic food (or at least make it look like it on our social media)
  • Try nice cocktails (served in copper glasses without straws in order to be green)
  • Attend to concerts or exhibitions (to make sure we can tag the location)
  • Sustain a cause (whether that means supporting ta hashtag on Twitter or buying clothes made out of organic cotton from H&M)
  • You mention it.

First of all, I should precise that the description provided above does not represent all generation Y. However, it represents many men and women born in developed economies or from middle and upper classes between 1980 and 2000.

Second, I have mentioned these examples based on myself and what my surroundings are doing. I am also very much aware that this involves only a small percentage of the world population that can actually afford avocado toasts for Sunday brunch.

Third and definitely not least, I tend to believe that as a woman we have an extra pressure. Correct me if I am wrong, but sometimes this pressure comes from within ourselves by trying to respect standards and just be likeable with a “unique” touch.

Let me give you a clear example based on what I know best: myself.

I try to look sharp without being too extravagant or too “tacky” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). I try to wear some makeup to cover small imperfections but I also want people to think that I look fresh. Moreover, I like wearing heels a few days a week to look fancy but I also like to wear sneakers and feel chill. I try to keep up a clean and organized house for myself that, in all honestly, I can only vacuum once a week.

Finally, I try to publish an article per week on this blog and keep up its social media accounts. Las week however, I failed to do so.

I felt a bit mad with myself, like I have not done enough.

Yet, reality is that I have a full-time job at a digital company. In the evenings I saw a couple of my friends. I cleaned my house. I finished reading another book. I did paperwork for the government. I packed. I was out for the weekend visiting a new country and an old friend (btw she is amazing btw ’cause she challenged me into analyzing many of my fears).

Long story short, last week was an extremely productive week. And even, if I do not accomplish all I will try to stop putting pressure on myself. It does not mean that I will necessarily slow down my rythme in life because that is just not who I am. I will keep Instagramming my food, do yoga thanks to an app and share posts with meaningful hashtags because I like it.

In other words, this article is for all those women thinking they must be all and do all in order to feel accomplished. Live day by day to appreciate life. Solve one problem at a time. Accept and embrace that you cannot do it all but that you are doing your best. It is preferably “to fail” but to be physically and mentally healthy instead of being “successful” and pay the price of a burn-out. Live one day at a time. Be grateful. Write down the things you did, instead of the ones you didn’t. Remember to give yourself some love and, more importantly, give yourself more credit. Sometimes, you just cannot do it all and that’s ok. <3

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