Do all roads really lead to Rome ?

After so many years in Europe, I’ve finally got to go to Rome.

I always knew I would love Italy, but I was not sure what to expect from its capital. I had been looking forward to this moment for so long and now it was finally happening.

I decided I wanted to go alone. I needed this time by myself to keep figuring out things that were still blocking in my head. I needed these days by myself to remain open and absorb better the Italian way of living. By traveling alone, I would be vulnerable. I would be sensitive. I would simply be more hopeful.

Rome was exactly that and way more.

I landed late at night and went to sleep. The next day, I woke up early to visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. All I needed was my phone (with Google Maps), my Lonely Planet book (so I could understand it all better) and a bottle of water (that I could refill in the different Roman fountains).

As I visited, I was astonished by every site, monument, statue and piazza. Rome was mind-blowing.

The first three to four days I was a real tourist with my travel book, queuing to enter the main historical sites, listening to its audioguides and taking pictures when I had too (I did not want to look too much of a tourist).

But then I decided to get lost in the city, to walk around, to discover Rome as one really should. The Romans were extremely welcoming and as they would see me young and alone they would talk to me. Some may even hit on me, but in a very charming and respectful way.  I was living the dream: having amazing food everyday, practicing my little Italian with very nice people and absorbing this capital with my eyes in every street.

The first days helped me to figure out many of the blocking points in my head. For instance, the constant fear of being hurt my a man. As I spoke to one of my best friends on the phone one day, she said something very wise to me “sometimes you just have to live, without waiting for the perfect life, the perfect job or the perfect man.” She was so right, I was so scared of getting hurt and blaming it on me, so focused on trying to be perfect that I have forgotten about living. Her wise and loving words, combined with my moment alone in Rome woke me up and made me realize that I had to start living life at its fullest. I needed to chill.

The minute I realized this and when I thought everything was amazing, it just got better.

Twenty-four hours before taking my plane back to Paris, I met a guy.

You might wonder if he is Italian…

Well, kind of, he is half American half Italian, a very sexy combination to be honest…

As he knew I was just visiting in Rome, he decided to bring his scooter and to ride me around the city. He took me to an amazing spot, in the center were old villas surrounded by beautiful gardens, we sat and talked for a while. That afternoon we rode on his scooter and went to so many places where I could sip amazing Aperol Spritz and get to see the local side of Rome. At a point, he took me to a spot where we could see the Roman Forum, he took pictures of me and then we took some pictures together. At that exact place he explained me that during the Middle Age, all the Roman Empire’s roads will end up leading to Rome.

The whole afternoon was a dream… I knew I liked him, I realized he liked me back because he was still finding a way to take me to new places and an excuse to continue living the moment. Even though hours had passed, I saw he was making no moves yet, not trying to kiss me or hold my hand, he was being natural, easy, fun and the best guide possible.

We talked about history, our lives, religions, poverty, corruption, diplomacy and much more. The night had come and by then we had already had a couple of drinks here and there and have tasted some food as well. At the end, he took me to this great Roman restaurant so I could have real pasta. It was de-li-cious! We talked and debated a bit, some of our points of views are not the same, but it was still interesting to hear what he had to say. As we were there, we met this couple and their daughter who were sitting behind us. We ended up sharing wine and champagne as we talked and got to know each other. It was fun, it was different, it was unreal…
It was Rome…

After having spent the whole afternoon and evening together, he asked me if I would like to come to his place… I believe you can guess what my answer was…

When we entered his apartment, we went out to his balcony, a full moon appeared in the clear sky. And right then, we kissed… I’ll let you imagine what happened next.

The next day it was really natural, comfortable and easy, I felt so comfortable with him.

After breakfast he drove me to the closest subway station, I still needed to go back to my place, pack my luggage and go to the airport, I was in a rush and couldn’t risk any other minute or I could’ve lost my flight.

When we arrived outside the metro station, he got off of his scooter, kissed my lips goodbye and mentioned he hoped we can see each other soon in Paris…

As perfect as it sounded, Rome had taught me not to think in the future and forget the past. At the end of the day all we have is the present moment. And if we are meant to meet again life would work it out, the same way that all roads lead to Rome…

Dear readers, I know this is one of the most romantic articles you have ever found on my blog. I am being honest and sharing my experiences, my thoughts and feelings during those romantic 24 hours. However, do not forget that not all that glitters is gold. This happened exactly one month ago, I am currently preparing the article that will tell you what happened afterwards, it’s less romantic and by far less “perfect”. So if there is a moral in this story is to live the moment but to never forget yourself. This is a story for all those women, whom like me, forget about themselves in times of romance. ❣️

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