The year that brought me the biggest lessons: 2020

2020 the year of learning

What a year… Certainly, it is the year that brought me the biggest lessons.
What started as a very hard negative year, ended up as the year that has taught me the most about myself. I can say I am arriving to the end of this year with a heart filled of joy and a mind with positive and grateful thoughts. Follow me throughout the next six articles to discover my 2020 journey.

Personally, it has been a roller coaster of emotions since the beginning. It has not been the worst year but it has been intense. When things were going well it was EXTREMELY GOOD but when things were bad they REALLY SUCKED.

To be honest, at a point, it became really hard to handle it mentally and emotionally. For a moment, I could not even write anymore. I guess I was just scared to face my emotions and have an even bigger meltdown. For at least I months I said that this year sucked.

That is until I found the courage to reconnect with myself and start writing what this 2020 – aka COVID year – meant to me.

Below, you will find the lessons that 2020 brought to me that I invite you to read:
Love in times of corona
– ‘Acceptance’ is a powerful word
– Put yourself first, even if that means breaking up
– Pause and replay
– Breath & namaste (coming soon)
– Dream and keep having faith (coming soon)

Everything listed above have something in common: PATIENCE. Yup, just like it sounds. This year has taught me the power of patience and acceptance.

I believe 2020 was not just been difficult for me but for many of you as well. That is what gave me the courage to write again so that you know that you are not alone. Hence, if you have experienced ups and downs or even breakdowns during this year know that it is OK, take a breath, accept your emotions and be patient. Also, I wanted to remind you that this a safe place for all those women (and men) who have the need to talk to someone or share their story. I remain available on the comment section or just DM on Instagram.

So without further due, you can start by reading my first Love in time of corona to understand how 2020 was the year that brought me the biggest lessons.

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